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Athletic Surfaces

Stripe Right provides personalized service to your project whether that be the striping of an athletic running track, surfacing of a tennis court or painting of midfield logos to your stadium. From school complexes to private resorts, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations at every opportunity.


When striping running tracks, we understand how complicated and detailed these projects can become. To ensure our quality of services, we use specialized techniques when both laying out and painting all markings. Whether your track be a highly detailed collegiate surface which was just applied, or a simple restriping of a practice course for a high school, our team provides a custom approach to every project.


Tennis courts, or the increasingly popular sport of PICKLEBALL, provides us with the satisfying opportunity to complete flawless works of art, regardless of a large arena or a private resort. Our team’s attention to detail when completing these projects here allow all portions from surface preparation to painting of court lines to be completed to superior standards. We also can apply our services to basketball or childrens outdoor play areas in similar fashion.


Painting of midfield logos or related custom artwork is a truly unique and premium option that can be added to a vast range of areas, from football fields to property driveway edges and even sides of landscape areas. Our extremely talented crews can complete all steps from designing your stencil to painting individual or a combination of adjacent markings. We’ve completed such services for students graduating, special sporting events and of course to represent a team’s mascot.

Services We Provide

  • Athletic Field Midfield Logos

  • Endzone Logos & Lettering

  • Shadowed/Accented Field Number

  • Sidewalk or Pathway Artwork

  • Landscape Artwork (Grass or Turf)

  • Parking Lot Entrance Designs

  • Vertical Artwork (Exterior walls only

  • Temporary eco-friendly paint available!

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