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Applying both accurate and highly visible runway pavement markings are our priority. We utilize laser guided machines along with properly educated and trained crews to ensure precise striping along with completing projects on time. These ensure durable markings with minimal runway downtime.

Utilizing in house crews to complete all services helps us provide a more affordable cost to your airport. From restriping, to removal and new striping on both runways and taxiways, all striping and painting will meet or exceed FAA standards and requirements.

We remain current to all FAA regulations and standards including: FAA AC No:150/5340

Types of FAA Markings

  • Runway Centerlines

  • Edge/Shoulder lines

  • Threshold & Touchdown Bars

  • Chevrons & Blast-pad Markings

  • Runway Designation Numbers

  • Taxiway Centerline & Edge Lines

  • Hold Short Positions (Stop Bars)

  • Painted Holding Position Signs


Helipad striping is also available

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